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Online Review Community Influencing Renters

The online review community has changed the way people function. I have become an online shopping aficionado but before retailers allowed reviewers to comment on their websites, I would simply “window shop” meaning I would browse online but go into the store to try on and buy. Since online reviews, I nearly exclusively rely on other reviewer’s comments to determine if I want to purchase a product online. I rarely go to the mall or store to make a purchase. 

People are now shopping for their next home online and using the online review community to do so. This means that, more than ever, property managers need to do their job and do it well otherwise a scathing review could very quickly turn potential applicants away from their community. And of course, when residents feel wronged, they are more likely to post a review than when they are content. This is a hurdle that property managers will have to learn to overcome by asking residents to post reviews and offering incentives to do so.

Surprisingly, the trend seems to be more prevalent in the suburban areas rather than urban. You’ll see a large number of reviews that popped up for urban dwellings prior to 2011, however, with the tight rental market and longer occupancies, there’s not much time to do any research on an apartment community before the vacant unit is snatched up. 

So bottom line(s)…

- If you’re an apartment dweller, let the online community know what’s good and bad about your living experience.

- If you’re a property manager, check your online reviews and make sure you have a strong positive online review presence. Reviewers are more interested in reading the one bad review than the 10 good ones!


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